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This article will mainly introduce the innovation of current defi in the blockchain field from the financial perspective. Of course, a lot of "so-called innovations" are often just "reprints" on the blockchain set by Wall Sclaymore miner ethereum downloadtreet, but as long as the reprint is good, it can make the blockchain closer to our life, which is also worthy of praise.

The original intention of all these changes is to speed up the process of eth2's real availability. The support of light client may be implemented before fragmentation, so that the beacon chain can be quickly available (providing consensus for eth1). The simplified merge process means that eth1 and eth2 merge faster than previously assumed. The parallel implementation of each phase can further speed up the merging, and may even be able to merge before the implementation of fragmentation.

As the name suggests, public chains are open to the public, and they are blockchains that do not require permission, which means that anyone can join the blockchain network to participaclaymore miner ethereum downloadte in the transactions that occur. When a node attempts to perform an operation, such as modifying or adding a value, all nodes on the network are informed and participate in the decision-making process. One of the most popular examples of public chain is bitcoin. Anyone can join bitcoin network and participate in blockchain management.

Only with stateless verification mechanism, eth1. X can successfully connect with the beacon chain of eth2.0 and other fragment chains, and formally let Ethereum network enter the future of lightweight eth2.0 constructed by stateless verification mechanism and fragmentation technology.